2 Soda Maker Types

Which one are you?

Water Only

You want to mainly carbonate water

We recommend:

The new Purific will do the job perfectly.

A classic Soda Maker with the One Push feature. Consistent Sparkling Water every day at a low price.

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All Beverages

You want to carbonate a lot of other beverages?

We recommend:

The Basic / DrinkMateThe DynamicThe Iconic or The Slim 2.0* because they all have detachable Fizz Infusers that you can easily rinse under the water tap. The innovation: Slow and Fast CO2 release. Important when it comes to foaming beverages.

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We have 5 different models (2023)

Water only (1 model):

1. Purific (basic tilt): mechanical but almost automatic, one button push carbonation function, soda can like carbonation level is the standard carbonation (back in stock around July 2022) (see the sets)

All beverages (4 models):

2. The Basic/ Drink Mate (entry model): carbonation level manual by user, you keep pushing (see the sets)

3. Dynamic (carbonation level switch): mechanical carbonation level setting via dial (1 mild to 4 strong) (see the sets)

4. Iconic (beverage type switch): almost automatic, mechanical “one button push” carbonation function, soda can like carbonation level is the standard carbonation (see the sets)

5. The Slim 2.0 (bottle cap twist type): stylish design with tall bottle (not for small fridges), same function as The Basic (see the sets)

For Home User that mostly make Sparkling Water we recommend The Basic Set 2 with 2 tanks and 2 bottles.

For Restaurants we recommend The Basic Set 5 with 5 tanks and 5 bottles.

*The Slim 2.0

You like to add syrup, herbs, slices of your favorite fruits and then carbonate them all together? The Slim is right for you because it has a wide bottle opening.

We have videos that show you how each machine works on the product pages.

All Sodafresh Soda maker have a 12 months warranty.

Lisa Sodafresh Profile Picture Soda Maker: Water Only and All Beverages

More Questions?

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