CO2 Tank Compatibility

Sodafresh CO2 tanks are standard and fit into most Soda Maker brands and models, e.g. Sodastream(TM) or Aarke(TM) machines.

And in case you are moving to another country – the local CO2 tank brand will fit and you can continue to use your Sodafresh Soda Maker. No problem! CO2 tank compatibility guaranteed.

We accept all CO2 tanks that are less than 5 years old and have a USA or European valve thread.
Please check your tank thread – which picture looks like yours?

You can see the manufacturing date embossed on the neck of the tank. Manufactured after 2015 – please play fair.

wide thread tank


CAN be refilled &

fits our Soda Maker


Can NOT be refilled &

NOT fit our Soda Maker


Can NOT be refilled &

NOT fit our Soda Maker

Advantages of a Soda Maker

  • CO2 tanks can be refilled and hold 50 times more CO2
  • CO2 refills are much cheaper and eco-friendly
  • No waiting or shaking to fizz your beverage
  • As many PET Spare bottles as you like at low prices
  • No moving parts that you could loose
  • CO2 tank compatibility

Now you know why a Soda Syphon is “old-tech” and why more than a 100 years later Soda Makers have replaced them, unless you want to make whipped cream.

If you’re like us and love your Sparkling Water and Sparkling Juices, then get a Soda Maker. Grandpa’s Syphon makes a great decoration but it’s super impractical.

Is your CO2 tank full? Seriously – check it.


CO2 is what makes water fizzy – so you want to get what you paid for, right?
CO2 Refill purchase has a lot do with trust.

Sodafresh guarantees:

* A full CO2 tank (that means around 1.2kg)
* Certified food grade CO2 (also Halal)
* Ready Stock at all times

Everything else is just frustrating or outright dangerous.

Visit our website and order a food-grade CO2 Refill online. And you can also check your CO2 tank compatibility. We accept all Soda Maker 0.6L CO2 tanks and brands. Ace, Sodastream, Sodaxpress, Drinkmate, iSoda.

See you soon and be alert.

Your Sodafresh Team

Get a Soda Maker today. Your Life – Just Carbonated!

And what about our partners? Do they also accept all brands?

Yes – take for example The Bali Florist. They do of course.

Here is a list of all our partners.


Always make sure to check because it matters.

  • Food Grade CO2 Gas, certified
  • Guaranteed Refills for years to come
  • Get up to 60L of Sparkling Water
  • Safe, genuine valves, top quality tanks
  • BPA free carbonation bottles
  • Registered Trademark, Licensed Business

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