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Eco friendly & Save money & Live Healthy

…all at the same time and with 12 months warranty.

12 months warranty The DrinkMate
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5 stars for Sodafresh The DrinkMate

The Basic, Dynamic, Iocnic – by Sodafresh.

(Basic is the iSoda Model 410 “Drinkmate”- just branded with our Sodafresh Logo. Still the same manufacturer and the same awesome quality.)

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With a Soda Maker you are reducing your Soda can and bottles trash to literally ZERO .

And you have Sparkling Water in the house at all times.

  • no more bulk shopping
  • no more wasted kitchen storage space and
  • pay much less for the same “product” Sparling Water

Staying hydrated also just got a lot easier and more interesting for Kids and Seniors that struggle to drink plenty of still water.

Market places 500 x 500 The DrinkMate

What our customers think

Our Google reviews show how happy Sodafresh customers are with their Soda Maker and our service.

Check our Google reviews – all real!

“Best purchase ever! Even better than the sodastream I had back in the days!”

“Extremely excellent service! They responded and even arrange a call to sort out problems I had and they took care of it really well and generously. I highly recommend them.”

“We use the Soda Maker everyday and enjoy the sparkling water. Excellent service and quick/fast delivery for the Refills of CO2 tanks.”

“Wow. Great product, and amazing customer service! I bought a Soda Fresh in Bali, as you can’t bring the CO2 from Australia to here. …. A great product and seriously amazing customer service. Recommend!”

How does it work?

No Battery and No Electricity

Soda Makers carbonate water by adding CO2 from a pressurized CO2 tank. The CO2 simply mixes with the water. The CO2 tank can be exchanged for a full one (like Aqua Galon) and the empty one will be refilled later. You can order refills online or visit one of the many Sodafresh Partner Stores.

Compatible with Sodastream

Sodafresh CO2 tanks are standard and fit into most Soda Maker brands, e.g. Sodastream(TM) Soda Makers.

And in case you are moving to another country you can bring your Sodafresh Soda Maker. The local CO2 tank brand will fit and you can continue to use your Sodafresh Soda Maker. Life is good.

How to Use The Basic?

  • Get a Starter Set (Soda Maker, carbonation bottle, CO2 tank)
  • Screw the CO2 tank into the Soda Maker
  • Press the button and carbonate your cold water

Our “Basic” Sets

Save with our different bundles. Pick one and it’s yours tomorrow!

Sodafresh iSoda M410 Set 2 Red The DrinkMate

The “Basic” Family Set

For a large family or true sparkling water lovers

1.349k Rp
Sodafresh iSoda M410 Set 3 The DrinkMate

The “Basic” Value Set

For large households and restaurants

2.189k Rp
Sodafresh iSoda M410 Set 5 black The DrinkMate

The “Basic” Resto Set

For restaurants and professional businesses

3.349k Rp