Soda Maker –
Temukan yang tepat untuk Anda

Hanya Sparkling Water atau Anda ingin menambahkan ekstra Fizz ke Infused Water, Juice, Wine dan minuman lainnya. Pilihan ada pada Anda!

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2 Jenis Soda Maker

  • Hanya air putih

  • Semua minuman

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Apa itu Soda Maker?

Soda Maker adalah perangkat sederhana yang mengkarbonasi minuman.

Buat Air Bersoda, Jus Anggur
Hadiah yang sangat keren!

Tunjukkan bagaimana caranya

Bagaimana cara kerjanya?

  • Tanpa listrik/baterai

  • Injeksi CO2 manual dari tangki CO2

  • Sangat mudah digunakan, tidak perlu pelatihan, tidak ada biaya penyiapan

  • Hanya memakan tempat kecil di dapur / bisnis Anda

Baca selengkapnya
Keren WorlockKeren Worlock
10:49 19 Dec 22
Such incredible fast, reliable service! High quality product - highest quality service!!!!
Mac LovinMac Lovin
03:19 02 Nov 22
Most incredibly excellent service and care. I ordered the soda machine a a gift for my wife and was met with the best service and care. From answering all my questions so I could make the best decision to secret deliveries so I could surprise my wife . Thank you soooooo much 🙏🏽
Simone RogersSimone Rogers
08:58 01 Sep 22
Fabulous online shop - I ordered my products at 2pm and they are delivered to me in Bali at 6pm same day. Fabulous price, great shipping and I highly recommend. Thankyou.
Emma Harrison ClarkEmma Harrison Clark
10:01 17 Aug 22
My journey with Soda Fresh was a gold star adventure, with many thrills and spills along the way. It started when my obsession with soda water collided with the news that Schweppes was discontinuing its range in Bali.Life as I knew it was over, I was madly sourcing soda water from back alleyways and underground suppliers, but then my luck ran out and I had to find another way to get my bubble fix.Looking back now I would describe it as an utterly traumatic time, a cave of hopelessness, but then a flicker of light appeared when three different people told me about Soda Fresh.I looked at the website and considered every option. I wanted my soda supply to be plentiful, long lasting, recyclable and easily accessible, so I ordered three soda bottles - for my office, fridge and bedroom. I also ordered an extra gas canister.Soda Fresh do a direct canister swap service via WhatsApp, but my emergency C02 means I'll never be left with a dry mouth and a half empty bottle.By now you're likely sensing how seriously I take my soda - and you’re right - soda ain't no joke - so I took a leap into the unknown and ordered the Iconic family set on Monday afternoon. It arrived on Tuesday morning which was pretty darn quick!I did experience some initial clumsiness whilst assembling it but then the owner, (a complete stranger) thoughtfully called to give me a video lesson. Take note: it’s not hard to put the machines together - I was simply over caffeinated, emotionally drained, and impatient for my precious bubbly water.Luckily, he talked me through my first fizz and I emerged triumphantly carbonated. I now have multiple soda sources, I treasure the glorious swoosh noise each bottle makes when it pops out of the dispenser and of course, I have been enjoying fond memories of my childhood.So there we have it. Five stars awarded to Soda Fresh. You solved a vital supply chain problem, saved the lost soul of a deprived soda lover and gained another happy customer. (me)I’d highly recommend Soda Fresh machines, I’d also recommend adding to your order if you’re picky like me - and don’t forget - you can double fizz if you like your beverage extra bubbly.Thanks team, may your soda empire rapidly grow.From Emma - * A real live human living in Sanur, Bali with two rather large dogs.
John CarverJohn Carver
02:57 14 Jun 22
Wow. What a company! I had some problems with the gas bottles which lost their contents on first use. I made a complaint and the owner (a lovely German guy called Frank who has been here 12 years) called me and said he would come around in 30 minutes. He arrived with a spare bottle, checked out the machine, showed me some secrets of how to use it best and told me to What's App him when I next need refills and he will give me two bottles for free (249,000 IDR normally). Wow! Just saying that service ain't dead! Can't recommend them any more highly.
08:21 02 Jun 22
Proud owner of the iconic! Yet to try this on wine and other stuff but set up, customer service and delivery were all A+! Heard new model is coming in August, looking forward to that!
Lisaan MasryLisaan Masry
08:47 11 May 22
I have had a Sodafresh unit for three years now: the unit works well, and Sodafresh are always very efficient when I need a new CO2 cylinder. A couple of days ago, my Sodafresh unit started leaking: I contacted them and they agreed to repair it. I got the repaired unit back the same day... very impressed!
Jens SchädlichJens Schädlich
07:00 15 Apr 22
The product was delivered in very good packaging. The product was in perfect condition. The company supported me very well during the delivery. The communication with the branch in Denpasar-Bali was very friendly and timely. I can only recommend buying something here.
07:04 08 Feb 22
We've had a Soda Fresh Rhapsody for about 4 years. Refills are a breeze cos they come to you with charged cannisters and take the empty ones. If you drink sparkling water like we do, the unit pays for it self in no time compared with buying soda water in bottles or can. Recently had a issue with our unit and Soda Fresh Indonesia kindly arranged for a replace with minimal costs. Thank you

Di mana saya bisa mendapatkan Soda Maker?

Sodafresh tersedia bagi Anda semua di Indonesia. Tersedia di beberapa toko sekitar Anda, untuk yang lain di pulau terpencil melalui kurir. Kami akan mewujudkannya untuk Anda.

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Isi Ulang CO2 untuk semua merek

Tangki CO2 kosong dapat ditukar di toko mitra, kantor Sodafresh kami di Cideng atau dipesan secara online. Seperti penukaran Galon Aqua. kosong ditukar dengan yang penuh.

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sodafresh brand compatibility drinkmate sodastream isoda

Model Soda Maker tahun ini

Kami memiliki beberapa model yang berbeda. Semuanya bagus  tapi kita perlu mencari tahu mana yang tepat untuk Anda.

Tentukan model yang tepat

Beberapa fakta sederhana


Periode garansi

40 to 60

40 up to 60L with 1 Isi Ulang CO2*


Model yang berbeda


Banyak bintan 5 dari customer

Carbonation with 1 CO2 tank – How much?

Up to 60 liters*. It all depends on the way the Soda Maker is applied and how strong you like to carbonate your water.

Warranty period – How long?

All Sodafresh Soda Maker have a 12 months warranty. These are the warranty periods of the suppliers, and we are passing them on to our clients.

CO2 tank swap – How to?

Empty CO2 tanks can be swapped in partner stores, our Sodafresh office in Cideng or be ordered online. It works like Aqua Gallon. Empty in exchange for full.


Up to 30 km around our Cideng office we will pick up and deliver. Further away you need to send us the empty tanks and we will send you the full ones back for free (Java, Bali only). We ship orders within 2 to 3 working days but always aim to be faster. Depending on your postcode/ location there might be a small delivery fee.

sodafresh brand compatibility drinkmate sodastream isoda

Metode pembayaran?

Untuk pembelian secara online

  • Dapat transfer ke akun BCA kami.
  • Credit Cards,
  • ATM dan
  • Pembayaran di toko.

Kami menawarkan Pembayaran di Tempat (COD). Silakan kirim pesan WhatsApp kepada kami.

Beberapa pelanggan kami

Sodafresh 6 famous user

Tempat Membeli & Cara mendapatkan

Sodafresh tersedia bagi Anda semua di Indonesia. Tersedia di beberapa toko sekitar Anda, untuk yang lain di pulau terpencil melalui kurir. Kami akan mewujudkannya untuk Anda.

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