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5 Soda Maker Models Compared

Water Only

The Rhapsody is perfect if you want to mainly carbonate water.

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All Beverage

The Basic, Dynamic, Iconic carbonate every beverage in your fridge.

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All Beverage

The Slim got the looks and is perfect for infused water with fruits.

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How much water can be carbonated with 1 CO2 cylinder?
Up to 60 liters. It’s like using a printer: Print a lot of fully black pages and you consume more ink. It all depends on the way how the Soda Maker is applied. 

Warranty period?
Rhapsody has 6 month warranty, the DrinkMate and The Slim have 1 year. These are the warranty periods of the suppliers and we are passing them on to our clients.

CO2 cylinder swap?
Empty CO2 cylinders can be swapped in partner stores, our Sodafresh office in Cideng or be ordered online. It works like Aqua Gallon. Empty in exchange for full.

Up to 30 km around our Cideng office we will pick up and deliver. Further away you need to send us the empty cylinders and we send you the full ones back for free. We ship orders within in 2 to 3 working days but always aim to be faster.

Payment methods?
Online orders can use Direct Transfers to our BCA account, Credit Cards and ATM payments. We don’t offer Cash On Delivery (COD).

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Happy Customers

Sodafresh Reviews Are Real.

2 Types – 3 Models

Some beverages might foam when you carbonate them. You need to rinse the Fizz Infuser if the foam touches it.

You decide, which one is best for you.

Water Only Soda Maker

The Fizz Infuser is built into the Soda Maker in these types.

Their strength is carbonating water and the low price.


All Beverage Soda Maker

All Beverage Soda Maker have a separate Fizz Infuser that can be taken out and rinsed under the tap.

For professional use in Restaurants or Coffee Shops we recommend

The Drinkmate, Iconic, Dynamic if you prepare drinks before you serve them (sturdy, small and large bottles available)

The Slim for preparation in front of the customers (outstanding design makes it perfect for bar use plus it has a wide bottle opening for adding in fruits etc. before carbonation)


Extremely excellent service! They responded and even arrange a call to sort out problems I had and they took care of it really well and generously. I highly recommend them

Jonson Tan / Google Review

Kualitas produknya bagus, komunikasi cepat dan lancar. Thanks Bu Lisa

Hianoto Santoso / Google Review

Wow. Great product, and amazing customer service! I bought a Soda Fresh in Bali, as you can’t bring the CO2 from Australia to here. …. A great product and seriously amazing customer service. Recommend!

Paula Alison / Google Review

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Tokopedia offers Sodafresh Home
Shopee offers Sodafresh Home
Blibli offers Sodafresh 1 Home
Bukalapak offers Sodafresh Home

Where to BUY & How to get

Sodafresh is available for everyone in Indonesia. For some in the shop around the corner, for others on a remote island via courier. We will do our best to make it happen.


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