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The Dynamic is a “4 Settings – All Beverage” Soda Maker.
12 Months Warranty.

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Water Only & All Beverage

5 new Models

Sodafresh – Soda Maker Types

Water Only” or “All Beverage” carbonation? 

Soda Maker

A Soda Maker is a simple device that carbonates all beverages.

You decide what you carbonate.

You can carbonate:

  • Water / Infused Water

  • Wine / Cocktails

  • Juice / Flavored Drinks

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Where can I get a Soda Maker?

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Soda Maker – How does it work?

  • No electricity / no battery

  • Fresh CO2 injection from a CO2 tank

  • Extremely easy to use and convenient

  • Takes up only a small place in your kitchen

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Laziale OlimpicLaziale Olimpic
03:55 09 Dec 23
The Jambi ExplorerThe Jambi Explorer
16:12 08 Dec 23
was hoping to find a actual store, even if very small, but it's really just a storage room on the second floor.However, I got what I want and the lady was friendly.
Manisa RahmawatiManisa Rahmawati
07:10 06 Dec 23
That's really good
Jepri BheloJepri Bhelo
05:08 06 Dec 23
friendly service
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13:25 04 Dec 23
Raafi YunusRaafi Yunus
04:04 30 Nov 23
Good product
Rubi MeinarnoRubi Meinarno
08:58 28 Nov 23
Good service, very satisfying product
Dedi IfaDedi Ifa
07:05 27 Nov 23
Muhammad Fadhil IkramMuhammad Fadhil Ikram
04:10 24 Nov 23
Convenient parking

Where it all started

Sodafresh is a 100% Indonesian company, founded by Helen (Indonesian) and Frank (German) in December 2015. They combined their passion and expertise to create the best customer service experience.

The two visionary entrepreneurs are driven by the idea of crafting an affordable premium soda maker that people can proudly display. Their mission? To combat single-use plastic waste with meticulously designed and exclusive minimalist soda makers. Sodafresh made its debut and has since captured the hearts of countless Indonesian homes – not only in Jakarta and Bali but all across the country.

Top Seller Quick Links

CO2 Refill for all brands

Empty CO2 tanks can be swapped in partner stores, our Sodafresh office in Cideng or be ordered online. It works like Aqua Gallon. Empty in exchange for full.

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The Soda Maker models of this year

We have different models. They are all brilliant  but we need to find out which one is the right one for you.

Find your model


Carbonation with 1 CO2 tank – How much?

Up to 60 liters*. It all depends on the way the Soda Maker is applied and how strong you like to carbonate your water.

Warranty period – How long?

All Sodafresh Soda Maker have a 12 months warranty. These are the warranty periods of the suppliers, and we are passing them on to our clients.

CO2 tank swap – How to?

Empty CO2 tanks can be swapped in partner stores, our Sodafresh office in Cideng or be ordered online. It works like Aqua Gallon. Empty in exchange for full.


Up to 30 km around our Cideng office we will pick up and deliver. Further away you need to send us the empty tanks and we will send you the full ones back for free (Java, Bali only). We ship orders within 2 to 3 working days but always aim to be faster. Depending on your postcode/ location there might be a small delivery fee.

Online orders can use

  • Direct Transfers to our BCA account,
  • Credit Cards,
  • ATM and
  • in Store payments.

We offer Cash On Delivery (COD). Please send us a What’sApp message.

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