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How to use a Soda Maker

Lisaan MasryLisaan Masry
08:47 11 May 22
I have had a Sodafresh unit for three years now: the unit works well, and Sodafresh are always very efficient when I need a new CO2 cylinder. A couple of days ago, my Sodafresh unit started leaking: I contacted them and they agreed to repair it. I got the repaired unit back the same day... very impressed!
Jens SchädlichJens Schädlich
07:00 15 Apr 22
The product was delivered in very good packaging. The product was in perfect condition. The company supported me very well during the delivery. The communication with the branch in Denpasar-Bali was very friendly and timely. I can only recommend buying something here.
07:04 08 Feb 22
We've had a Soda Fresh Rhapsody for about 4 years. Refills are a breeze cos they come to you with charged cannisters and take the empty ones. If you drink sparkling water like we do, the unit pays for it self in no time compared with buying soda water in bottles or can. Recently had a issue with our unit and Soda Fresh Indonesia kindly arranged for a replace with minimal costs. Thank you
Icha NisaIcha Nisa
05:49 07 Feb 22
Such a good product! The machine is very simple to set and use. No power requirement, so you can use it anywhere and it's great for making your own soda right at home, saves many trips to the store and saves many bottles!Their customer service & after sales are great and quick with friendly staff which is very helpful. Highly recommended!
10:27 31 Oct 21
Very friendly staff and ordering via website is really smooth due to the many payment options.The handling with refilling process (sending empty cylinder and getting new ones) was super fast the last time, very nice. I like it.

5 Soda Maker Models Compared

Water Only

The Rhapsody is perfect if you want to mainly carbonate water.

More info

All Beverage

The Basic, Dynamic, Iconic carbonate every beverage in your fridge.

More info

All Beverage

The Slim got the looks and is perfect for infused water with fruits.

More info

Carbonation with 1 CO2 cylinder – How much?

Up to 60 liters. It all depends on the way how the Soda Maker is applied and how strong you like to carbonate your water.

Warranty period – How long?

All Sodafresh Soda Maker have a 12 months warranty, only the Rhapsody has 6 months. These are the warranty periods of the suppliers, and we are passing them on to our clients.

CO2 cylinder swap – How to?

Empty CO2 cylinders can be swapped in partner stores, our Sodafresh office in Cideng or be ordered online. It works like Aqua Gallon. Empty in exchange for full.


Up to 30 km around our Cideng office we will pick up and deliver. Further away you need to send us the empty cylinders and we send you the full ones back for free. We ship orders within in 2 to 3 working days but always aim to be faster. Depending on your postcode/ location there might be a small delivery fee.

Payment methods?

Online orders can use

  • Direct Transfers to our BCA account,
  • Credit Cards,
  • ATM and
  • in Store payments.

We don’t offer Cash On Delivery (COD).

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Where to BUY & How to get

Sodafresh is available for everyone in Indonesia. For some in the shop around the corner, for others on a remote island via courier. We will do our best to make it happen.

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