2 Rhapsody PET Bottles (1000 ML, black)

2 extra Carbonation Bottles for the Rhapsody Soda Maker.
(not compatible with other Soda Maker models.)

  • (1000ml volume, max. carbonation fill 850ml)

Product and packaging design may differ upon delivery without prior notice.


Rp 130.000


Out of stock


What's in the box:

Get an additional carbonating bottle and keep it in the fridge for your next Fizz.
Cold water is ideal for carbonation and you can always make a fresh bottle of “To-Go” Sparkling Water.

(Available in black and white)

Use only with the following Soda Maker:

  • Rhapsody

The carbonation bottles and caps are made of food-grade PET and are BPA free.

The screw connect feature allows quick and easy attachment to the Soda Maker.

It’s safe and reliable and eliminates the risk of bottle failure during operation.

(Can NOT be used with other Soda Maker models.)

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