Don't Buy A Soda Syphon!

We often get asked what the difference is and why we do not recommend or sell Soda Syphons. Maybe you are in a hurry so here is the list.

6 reasons against
a soda Syphon:

  • Small 8-gram, one time use CO2 capsules, not eco friendly at all
  • 1 capsule makes 1 liter at best with many steps
  • Refill packs are expensive and you need to keep stock,
    check Tokopedia and be surprised
  • No additional carbonation bottles to have Soda ready to go,
    just the one you have
  • Carbonation takes longer and you have to work it/ shake it
  • Bottles are harder to clean and you need inserts

Now lets get
a Soda Maker!

Pick your Starter Set now starting from Rp999.000 and ready for up to 60 L sparkling water.

Have a look at the Sodafresh soda maker videos and spread the word.

Now you know more than most people.
Syphons don’t make sense in our days and time.

More and detailed info

Most home soda makers are either soda siphons or small, stand-alone appliances known as soda maker machines. Soda siphons attach to the mouth of a bottle and carbonate whatever liquid is in the bottle. It does this through a small, disposable 8mg CO2 cartridge inserted into the siphon.

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