Sodafresh(TM) is not Sodastream(TM)

It's ok: They Are 100% Compatible!

(Or you get 100% of your money back)

Why is this
interesting for you?

Sodastream (TM) currently doesn’t have a Soda Maker model with a detachable Fizz Infuser although it makes so much sense (status 2021/11).

You can carbonate any beverage with ease if your Soda Maker has a detachable Fizz infuser.

Sodafresh Indonesia does have The Basic (aka Model 410 or DrinkMate), The Slim, The Dynamic and The Iconic and you can take their Fizz Infuser off and rinse it if you carbonate something other that water.

Carbonating all types of beverages is a lot of fun and help you to reduce your sugar intake when you mix juices, infused water etc. With water and carbonate it to make it more interesting.

Buy A Sodafresh
Soda Maker Now
And Bring It To Another
Country Later

We can guarantee you that the local CO2 tanks will fit.

SODASTREAM (TM) CO@ TANK FIT 100% INTO SODAFRESH SODA MAKER and of course vice versa. Both Soda Maker brands use international standard CO2 tank. They will 100% fit.

Advantages of a Soda Maker

  • CO2 tanks can be refilled and hold 50 times more CO2
  • CO2 refills are much cheaper and eco-friendly
  • No waiting or shaking to fizz your beverage
  • As many PET Spare bottles as you like at low prices
  • No moving parts that you could loose

Now you know why a Soda Syphon is “old-tech” and why more than a 100 years later Soda Makers have replaced them, unless you want to make whipped cream. If you’re like us and love your Sparkling Water and Sparkling Juices, then get a Soda Maker. Grandpa’s Syphon makes a great decoration but it’s super impratical.

Benefit of Drinking Soda

The benefits of changing our habits to drinking infused water are endless:

  • Weight loss
  • Toxin removal or detox
  • Better digestive health
  • Boosting immune function
  • Boosting hydration
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improving complexion
  • All eviat headaches
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Anti-inflammatory

With a Sodafresh Soda Maker, you pick the vitamins you want with your choice of fruits, and all this without the use of sugar! Loving your water and upping your hydration game has never been that easy!


CO2 is what makes water fizzy – so you want to get what you paid for, right?

CO2 Refill purchase has a lot do with trust.

Get a Soda Maker today.
Your Life Just Carbonated!

And what about our partners?

Do they also accept all brands?

Yes-take for example The Bali Florist.

They do of course.

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