2 Drinkmate PET Bottles (Twin-Pack, 1000 ML, red)

2 extra Carbonation Bottles for the Drinkmate, Basic, Dynamic, Iconic Soda Maker. (Not compatible with other Soda Maker models. Maximum use: 24 months)
  • (1000ml volume, max. carbonation fill 850ml)
PET carbonation bottles have a life span of max. 2 years! More info here.

Rp 150.000


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What's in the box:

Use only with the following Soda Maker:

  • Basic
  • Dynamic
  • Drinkmate
  • Iconic

The carbonation bottles and caps are made of food-grade PET and are BPA free.

The click connect feature allows quick and easy Fizz Infuser attachment.

It’s safe and reliable and eliminates the risk of bottle failure during operation.
It clicks in place.

(Can NOT be used with other Soda Maker models.)

Buy online and the Sodafresh team will arrange the delivery of a fresh, full CO2 tank or CO2 Refill (swap empty for full).

Also available: Sales and exchange at our warehouse in Jakarta, Jl. Biak.

Purchase online or via WA and our team will contact you via WhatsApp to arrange a time for the delivery.

The Sodafresh guarantee:

  • Only quality food grade CO2 (Halal certificate available)
  • Guaranteed up to 425g of CO2 in each tank.
  • Each CO2 tank comes with the blue Sodafresh quality seal.
    Do not use your CO2 if the seal is broken or missing.
    (No exception. We will provide a fresh CO2 refill free of charge if your Sodafresh tank has no blue Sodafresh quality seal when you purchase it.)
  • We accept all brands of empty CO2 tanks for a swap.

Tank compatibility:
100% money back guarantee if a Sodafresh CO2 tanks doesn’t fit into your Soda Maker. (More info here.)

PET carbonation bottles have a life span of max. 2 years! More info here.

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