We accept all CO2 tank brands and types

Sodafresh, Drinkmate, Sodastream, Wassermaxx, Sodaxpress – We at Sodafresh really accept all brands and seller for CO2 refill swap. Just order online or visit one of our CO2 Refill partner stores.

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CO2 Refills – full tanks only

Our CO2 Refills are being properly filled. Your full CO2 tank should weigh around 1.2 kg. Sodafresh guarantees that.

If it is just around 1kg then you are most likely not getting what you paid for or you are paying too much.

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CO2 Refills only with food grade CO2

Our CO2 Refills are certified food grade and halal

Please check if you are purchasing your CO2 Refill from another source than Sodafresh that this is guaranteed. Ask for the certificates. It’s really important because you want to drink healthy, don’t you?

Clean tanks with a quality seal

Sodafresh CO2 Refills are delivered in clean tanks and we only sell them with a quality seal on top of the protective cap. We are making sure they are fit for professional use before we give them to you.

Please always check that your Sodafresh seal is intact.

Broken or missing Sodafresh seals are a sign that something is not ok. Please inform us and we will take replace the CO2 Refill Tank right away for free.

CO2 Refills – always available

Our CO2 Refills are always in stock. That’s a promise or else you get a voucher for a free CO2 Refill. 

This may not seem like a big deal but it will be if you need a fresh CO2 Refill Tanks quickly and your supplier cant deliver. Sodafresh always delivers.

And we accept whatever CO2 Refill Tank you have in your hand. The brand really doesn’t matter.

Online Order

Order online (Malang, Surabaya, Bali, NTT and others covered, details below).

All orders will be shipped within 1 to 3 working days but we are certainly aiming to be much faster if possible.

To The Online Store
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Visit A Store

Visit one of our independent partners*.

They are also happy to show you our latest models and answer all your questions.

Partner list
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Visit Us

Come to our Cideng office in Jl. Biak No 33C, Lt. 2 Jakarta.

We have all colors and models ready to show you.
CO2 Refills will come at a reduced price of 180.000 Rp. each when you bring us your empty CO2 tank. So you don’t pay for shipping.

(Sodafresh is on Google Maps)`

All Market Places available (Tokopedia, BliBli, Shopee, Bukalapal, Lazada)

We are on all marketplaces. Just search for Sodafresh and look for our signature framed pictures.

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Very Remote Locations

(more than 35 km and other islands)
Malang, Bekasi, Lampung and far, far away – we got you covered.
Please send your empty CO2 tank(s) properly packed to our office.
You can use JNE Tarif JTR, Pos Indonesia (no air freight!) whichever is good for you.
PT Sodafresh is already a registered location in the Google Maps etc. application.
PT Soda Fresh Indonesia
Attn. Customer Service Lisa
JL. Biak No.33 C Lt. 2 Kel. Cideng, Kec. Gambir
10150 Jakarta Pusat
+62 (0) 8 119 703 806
JTR service is a non air freight tariff and takes longer than your average shipment, but safety comes first.
Best to swap more than 1 tank per order because JTR has a minimum of 10kg. So let’s make use of it!