2 Soda Maker Types

Which type are you?

Water Only

Turn flat water into sparkling water.
Fresh every day.


All Beverages

Carbonate just any beverage.
Easy to rinse.


What’s the big difference?
If you can easily remove and rinse the fizz-infuser to clean it, then it is all beverage.


Our 5 Soda Maker models





Slim 2.0

Purific “One Push”

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Basic “All Beverage”

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Dynamic “4 Levels”

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Iconic “Switch Modes”

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Slim 2.0 “The Looks”

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All Sodafresh Soda Maker have a 12-month warranty.

We have videos that show you how each machine works on the product pages.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

A “water only” soda maker refers to a model that does not have a detachable fizz infuser. The reason behind labeling these models as “water only” is primarily related to the cleaning process. Without a detachable fizz infuser, cleaning the part that comes into contact with the beverage being carbonated becomes slightly more challenging.

To thoroughly clean the fizz-infusing component, one needs to remove the tank and hold the complete machine under running water to rinse it. While this process is completely achievable, it may require a bit more effort compared to models with detachable fizz infusers.

However, it is essential to note that “water only” soda makers are still fully capable of carbonating beverages beyond just water. If you are willing to invest the effort into cleaning the machine by holding it under water, you can indeed carbonate a variety of beverages with a “water only” soda maker.

At Sodafresh, we believe in providing clarity and transparency to our customers. Labelling a soda maker as “water only” simply signifies the additional cleaning steps required for the part that directly interacts with the beverage. If you are willing to undertake these steps, a “water only” soda maker can successfully carbonate a wide range of beverages, offering you the flexibility to enjoy your favorite sparkling drinks.

Absolutely! With a “Water Only” soda maker, the term “water” refers to the fact that the part that comes into contact with the beverage, known as the fizz-infuser, is fixed as part of the machine body. However, it is important to note that if you choose to carbonate beverages other than water, it is recommended to clean the fizz-infuser thoroughly after each use. For instance, if you carbonate orange juice and then want to carbonate white wine, it’s advisable to clean the fizz-infuser in between to avoid any flavor transfer.

In contrast, soda maker models with a detachable fizz-infuser offer more convenience. With these models, you can simply remove the fizz-infuser and rinse it separately, ensuring a thorough cleaning without having to put the entire machine under the water tap. And you have to unscrew the tank before rinsing, adding extra effort in maintaining cleanliness.

However, if you are determined to carbonate beverages other than water with a “Water Only” soda maker, it is indeed possible, albeit with more effort. Simply ensure that you clean the fizz-infuser meticulously after each use to avoid any flavor residues.

At Sodafresh, we strive to provide a range of soda maker options to suit different preferences and needs. Whether you choose a model with a detachable fizz-infuser for easier cleaning or opt for a “Water Only” soda maker, we’re here to help you enjoy the fizzy beverage experience you desire.

The Dynamic and Iconic soda maker models offer distinct features to cater to different preferences. Here’s a breakdown of their differences:
Dynamic Soda Maker:
The Dynamic soda maker is a fully manual model that allows you to select one of four carbonation levels. When you choose a specific level, the soda maker will emit a distinct hissing sound once the desired level of carbonation is reached. At this point, the gas will no longer be delivered into the bottle, preventing any excess carbonation. However, it’s important to note that if you continue to press the carbonation button beyond this point, the gas will bypass the bottle and go to waste.
Iconic Soda Maker:
The Iconic soda maker offers two modes of operation for added flexibility. The first mode is the simple “water only” mode, where you can easily click a PET bottle into the soda maker, push the carbonation button, tilt the bottle to release CO2, and enjoy your sparkling water. It provides a straightforward and hassle-free carbonation experience.
The second mode is the “all beverage” mode, which offers even more versatility. In this mode, the fizz-infuser stays connected to the PET bottle when it is clicked into place. With this setup, you can release CO2 at different rates, allowing you to control the level of foam produced during the carbonation process. This mode is ideal for carbonating a variety of beverages beyond just water.
In summary, the Dynamic soda maker offers manual carbonation with selectable levels, ensuring precise control over carbonation. On the other hand, the Iconic soda maker provides the convenience of a simple “water only” mode and the added flexibility of an “all beverage” mode, allowing you to carbonate a wide range of drinks.
With the Iconic soda maker, it’s like having two machines in one, giving you the freedom to personalize your carbonation experience to suit your taste preferences.
At Sodafresh, we believe in offering a variety of options to cater to every carbonation enthusiast. Choose the soda maker that best suits your needs and enjoy the effervescent refreshment that brings joy to every sip.

The Dynamic and Basic soda maker models share some similarities in terms of features, but they do have a few notable differences. Here’s a breakdown of their distinctions:

Carbonation Release: Both the Dynamic and Basic soda maker models offer the flexibility of fast and slow gas release. This allows you to control the intensity of carbonation according to your preferences.

Fizz Infuser: Both models also come with a detachable fizz infuser, enabling you to carbonate a wide range of beverages beyond just water. This gives you the freedom to enjoy sparkling versions of your favorite drinks.

Carbonation Intensity – Basic Soda Maker: The Basic soda maker operates as a 100% manual system when it comes to carbonation intensity. You have complete control and adjust the carbonation level based on your own experience and taste preferences. You press the carbonation button until you achieve the desired level of carbonation, relying on your own judgment and familiarity with the machine.

Carbonation Intensity – Dynamic Soda Maker: On the other hand, the Dynamic soda maker provides an additional feature for carbonation intensity. With this model, you can set a specific carbonation level, ranging from mildest to strongest, depending on your preference. The machine will provide sound feedback, such as a distinct hissing sound, to indicate when you have reached the desired carbonation level. This feature adds an extra layer of convenience and precision to your carbonation process.

In summary, while both the Dynamic and Basic soda maker models offer fast and slow gas release as well as a detachable fizz infuser for carbonating various beverages, the Dynamic model provides the added benefit of setting a specific carbonation level and receiving sound feedback to ensure you achieve your desired intensity.

Choose the soda maker that best suits your needs and taste preferences, and elevate your beverage experience with the joy of fizzy refreshment.

At Sodafresh, we’re dedicated to providing options that meet the unique preferences of our customers. Carbonate with confidence and enjoy the delightful effervescence that our soda makers bring to every sip.

The Slim and Basic soda maker models share many similarities in their ability to carbonate a wide range of beverages and offer slow and fast CO2 release options for controlling foam during the carbonation process. However, there are a few key distinctions to consider:

CO2 Release Method: In the Basic soda maker, releasing the CO2 is achieved by pressing the slow or fast CO2 release button. On the other hand, the Slim soda maker utilizes a twisting cap mechanism to control the gas release. By twisting the cap more or less, you can adjust the level of gas released during the carbonation process.

Bottle Design and Functionality: The Slim soda maker boasts a wider bottle opening compared to the Basic model. This wider opening makes it easier to add fruits, syrups, or ice to the beverage you want to carbonate, allowing for more creative customization.

Aesthetics: The Slim soda maker showcases a tall and elegant design with a metal beauty ring, making it visually appealing and suitable for those seeking a stylish representation. On the other hand, the Basic soda maker has a sturdier appearance, appealing to individuals who prioritize a robust and reliable machine.

Bottle Stability: Due to its taller design, the Slim soda maker comes with taller bottles. While this enhances its aesthetic appeal, it is important to note that taller bottles may have a slightly higher tendency to tip over compared to the shorter bottles included with the Basic model. 

Consider these differences to determine which soda maker model aligns best with your preferences and needs. Both the Slim and Basic models provide an excellent platform for enjoying the fizzy refreshment of homemade carbonated beverages.

At Sodafresh, we believe in offering diverse options to suit individual tastes and requirements. Choose the soda maker that suits your style and enhance your beverage experience with the delightful bubbles of carbonation.

Cheers to personalized and effervescent hydration with Sodafresh!

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We have 5 different models

Water only (1 model):

1. Purific (basic tilt): mechanical but almost automatic, one button push carbonation function, soda can like carbonation level is the standard carbonation (see the sets)

All beverages (4 models):

2. The Basic/ Drink Mate (entry model): carbonation level manual by user, you keep pushing (see the sets)

3. Dynamic (carbonation level switch): mechanical carbonation level setting via dial (1 mild to 4 strong) (see the sets)

4. Iconic (beverage type switch): almost automatic, mechanical “one button push” carbonation function, soda can like carbonation level is the standard carbonation (see the sets)

5. The Slim 2.0 (bottle cap twist type): stylish design with tall bottle (not for small fridges), same function as The Basic (see the sets)

For Home User that mostly make Sparkling Water we recommend The Basic Set 2 with 2 tanks and 2 bottles.

For Restaurants we recommend The Basic Set 5 with 5 tanks and 5 bottles.

*The Slim 2.0

You like to add syrup, herbs, slices of your favorite fruits and then carbonate them all together? The Slim is right for you because it has a wide bottle opening.

We have videos that show you how each machine works on the product pages.

All Sodafresh Soda maker have a 12 months warranty.

Looking to enjoy fizzy beverages at home? A soda maker is the perfect solution! Discover the convenience of making your own carbonated drinks with a soda maker from Sodafresh. Explore endless flavors and customize your beverages just the way you like them. Here are some benefits of owning a soda maker:

  1. Convenience: Experience the convenience of making your own carbonated drinks at home with a soda maker from Sodafresh. Enjoy customized, delicious beverages without the hassle of buying pre-packaged sodas. Get your soda maker today!
  2. Customization: Indulge in the perfect carbonation level tailored to your personal preference with a soda maker from Sodafresh. Experiment with different levels of fizziness and find your ideal taste. Make your soda at home with a Sodafresh soda maker today!
  3. Cost savings: Save money and reduce plastic waste with a soda maker from Sodafresh. Enjoy fresh and carbonated beverages at a fraction of the cost of buying pre-packaged sodas. Invest in a Sodafresh soda maker and start saving today!
  4. Variety of flavors: Unleash your creativity and taste buds with a soda maker’s variety of flavors and options for custom drinks. Mix and match flavors to create unique, delicious sodas that suit your mood and occasion. Get your soda maker from Sodafresh and start creating today!
  5. Health benefits: Take control of your health with a soda maker’s ability to manage sugar and calorie intake in homemade sodas. Customize your drinks to your desired sweetness level, and reduce sugar and calorie consumption compared to store-bought sodas. Invest in a Sodafresh soda maker today for a healthier lifestyle!
  6. Eco-friendliness: Reduce plastic waste and minimize your carbon footprint with a soda maker and CO2 refill. Save money, reduce waste, and preserve the environment by using a Sodafresh soda maker and refilling the CO2 canister. Join the green movement with a soda maker from Sodafresh today!
  7. Fun and unique activity: Add fun and excitement to your family and social gatherings with a soda maker from Sodafresh. Bond over the unique and creative experience of making your own custom sodas at home. Get your Sodafresh soda maker and have a blast today!
  8. Bonus: Ease of cleaning and maintenance – Enjoy hassle-free cleaning and maintenance with the easy rinse feature of Sodafresh’s soda maker. Keep your device clean and well-maintained with minimal effort. Get your Sodafresh soda maker today and enjoy effortless cleaning and maintenance!

Advantages of a Soda Maker compared to a Soda Syphon

  • CO2 tanks can be refilled and hold 50 times more CO2
  • CO2 refills are much cheaper and eco-friendly
  • No waiting or shaking to fizz your beverage
  • As many PET Spare bottles as you like at low prices
  • No moving parts that you could lose

Now you know why a Soda Syphon is “old-tech” and why more than a 100 years later Soda Makers have replaced them, unless you want to make whipped cream.

If you’re like us and love your Sparkling Water and Sparkling Juices, then get a Soda Maker. Grandpa’s Syphon makes a great decoration but it’s super impractical.

Is your CO2 tank full? Seriously – check it.


CO2 is what makes water fizzy – so you want to get what you paid for, right?

CO2 Refill purchase has a lot to do with trust.

Sodafresh guarantees:

  • A full CO2 tank (that means around 1.2kg)
  • Certified food grade CO2 (also Halal)
  • Ready Stock at all times

Everything else is just frustrating or outright dangerous.

Visit our website and order a food-grade CO2 Refill online. We accept all Soda Maker 0.6L CO2 tanks and brands. Ace, Sodaxpress, Drinkmate, iSoda.

See you soon and be alert.

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  • Always make sure to check because it matters.
  • Food Grade CO2 Gas, certified
  • Guaranteed Refills for years to come
  • Get up to 60L of Sparkling Water
  • Safe, genuine valves, top quality tanks
  • BPA free carbonation bottles
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Benefits of Drinking Soda*

The benefits of changing our habits to drinking infused water are endless:

  • Weight loss
  • Toxin removal or detox
  • Better digestive health
  • Boosting immune function
  • Boosting hydration
  • Increasing energy levels

With a Sodafresh Soda Maker, you can enjoy all the benefits of infused water while also carbonating your favorite beverages. Choose from a variety of flavors and customize the level of carbonation to your personal preference. With Sodafresh, you can create delicious and healthy beverages without the use of sugar. Get your Sodafresh Soda Maker today and start enjoying the benefits of sparkling drinks and infused water!


*Please note that the health benefits mentioned in this text have not been verified by any professional health organization. Sparkling water should not be considered as a medicine or a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. It is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.