How does it work?

  • No electricity/battery

  • Manual CO2 injection from a CO2 tank

  • Extremely easy to use, no training needed, no setup costs

  • Takes up only a small place in your kitchen/ business

Service and Sustainability

  • 1 year Guarantee/Warranty
  • Prompt Delivery (new and swap)
  • Quality and Service

What’s a Soda maker?

A simple device that carbonates beverages.

Water = Sparkling Water
Wine = Sparkling Wine
Juice = Sparkling Juice
Cocktail = Sparkling Cocktail … you get the idea.

All Starter Sets

CO2 from a tank in the back of the Soda Maker is safely released in a bottle with water or any beverage and carbonates it. Just with the push of button.

Really 100% mechanic, no electricity or battery needed.

A few short videos, for you to watch the process, are available on our YouTube channel.

We have 5 different models (2023)

Water only (1 model):

1. Purific (basic tilt): mechanical but almost automatic, one button push carbonation function, soda can like carbonation level is the standard carbonation (back in stock around July 2022) (see the sets)

All beverages (4 models):

2. The Basic/ Drink Mate (entry model): carbonation level manual by user, you keep pushing (see the sets)

3. Dynamic (carbonation level switch): mechanical carbonation level setting via dial (1 mild to 4 strong) (see the sets)

4. Iconic (beverage type switch): almost automatic, mechanical “one button push” carbonation function, soda can like carbonation level is the standard carbonation (see the sets)

5. The Slim 2.0 (bottle cap twist type): stylish design with tall bottle (not for small fridges), same function as The Basic (see the sets)

For Home User that mostly make Sparkling Water we recommend The Basic Set 2 with 2 tanks and 2 bottles.

For Restaurants we recommend The Basic Set 5 with 5 tanks and 5 bottles.

*The Slim 2.0

You like to add syrup, herbs, slices of your favorite fruits and then carbonate them all together? The Slim is right for you because it has a wide bottle opening.

We have videos that show you how each machine works on the product pages.

All Sodafresh Soda maker have a 12 months warranty.

What does it cost? Can you save money?

Absolutely. Besides the positive environmental impact, 1 CO2 tank swap “empty for full” costs starts from only Rp. 199.000 and the CO2 can turn up to 60 liters of still water into sparkling water.
That’s 1 Liter / 1000ml of Soda Water for less Rp. 3500 – sure you did the math already.

60 liter of Sparkling Water in retail normally cost between Rp 2.000.000 to Rp 3.000.000 depending on the brand that you buy, e.g Equil, San Pellegrino or Perrier. Plus you need to stock it, cool it and dispose the rubbish, which is the saddest part.

The Soda Maker Starter Set costs Rp 1.499.000 – which means you are already saving money when you buy the machine and make the first 60 liter. And from there on it’s all savings galore.

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The Savings – a clear economic opportunity

  • 1-liter sparkling water as low as Rp 3500 IDR
  • Up to 60L with 1 CO2 refill tank
  • Carbonate tea, juice, wine, your own syrup
  • Make your own sparkling creations

And if you are a business

  • Brand your own sparkling water
  • Become a reseller / swap station

Do you need a Soda Maker?

You love Sparklling Water or you are using Sparkling Water for items on your menu, and you create drinks that could need a little extra Fizz before you serve them? Then a Soda Maker is perfect for you.

Sparkling Water will always be in stock, needs no storage space and is easy to use.

P.S.: If you are a business we can also provide you with a sample machine for a week. FREE!

Find out if a Soda Maker is right for you: Free of charge. Contact Lisa and let’s arrange it.