Sodafresh Soda Maker Models in boxes

Cheaper from day 1 – show me the math!

Starter Sets of our Soda Makers are available form as low as Rp. 999.000 and you can directly make up to 60 liter of Sparkling Water with it.

Compared to 60 liter Equil Sparkling (TM) for more than 3.354.000 Rp. you already saved 70%. (Yes, it’s true!)

Now that’s a smart purchase!

And from there on you just purchase the CO2 refills.

They start from Rp. 199.000 per CO2 refill tank swap.

  • No trash
  • No need to stock up on bottles
  • Soda Water always available.
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I had a Soda Maker in France and pretty quickly got one here because I love sparkling water. I am using gallon water in Indonesia. Big fan! Thank you, Sodafresh.

Mia Jance / Google Review

Great Service, top contact, fast delivery and very friendly 👍
And the System works great.

Markus P / Google Review


T. Subrata / Google Reviews
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