Nobody needs a Soda Siphon.

Blog Syphon Expo Drawing 500X500 Nobody needs a Soda Siphon.

A Siphon uses 8-gram disposable capsules that can carbonate only the content of the Siphon bottle (average 750ml to 1000ml). The bottle is often a metal one and needs pre-cooling before you can use it. Good for Whipped Cream but not for Sparkling water and daily use.

There are lots of moving parts in a Siphon and it takes some time and good shaking to make Sparkling Water.
We often get asked why we don’t sell Soda Syphon and the answer is simple:
There are much better solutions available since 2015 and they are called Soda Maker.

Advantages of a Soda Maker

  • CO2 cylinders can be refilled and hold 50 times more CO2
  • CO2 refills are much cheaper and eco-friendly
  • No waiting or shaking to fizz your beverage
  • As many PET Spare Bottles as you like at low prices
  • No moving parts that you could loose

Now you know why a Soda Siphon is “old-tech” and why more than a 100 years later Soda Makers have replaced them, unless you want to make whipped cream.
If you’re like us and love your Sparkling Water and Sparkling Juices then get a Soda Maker. Grandpa’s Siphon makes a great decoration but it’s really impractical.

Soda Maker vs Soda Siphon Nobody needs a Soda Siphon.
london 1920 soda siphon Nobody needs a Soda Siphon.

Soda Siphon = Many Parts = Many Problems

Soda Maker have replaced this antique system since 2015.

soda syphon charger Nobody needs a Soda Siphon.
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