Drinkmate Set 5 (red)

Let’s do this! This is the set for a professional user in a restaurant or coffee shop. Carbonate not only water but any beverage in your fridge! What’s in the box:

  • 1 Soda Maker (branded iSoda, not Sodafresh – otherwise identical)
  • 5 PET Bottles (1000ml, 850ml carbonation capacity, maximum use: 24 month)
  • 5 CO2 tanks (0,6L)

Be creative – live healthy – save money!

PET carbonation bottles have a life span of max. 2 years! More info here.

Rp 3.263.000


Out of stock


What's in the box:

Buy online and the Sodafresh team will arrange the delivery of a fresh, full CO2 tank or CO2 Refill (swap empty for full).

Also available: Sales and exchange at our warehouse in Jakarta, Jl. Biak.

Purchase online or via WA and our team will contact you via WhatsApp to arrange a time for the delivery.

The Sodafresh guarantee:

  • Only quality food grade CO2 (Halal certificate available)
  • Guaranteed up to 425g of CO2 in each tank.
  • Each CO2 tank comes with the blue Sodafresh quality seal.
    Do not use your CO2 if the seal is broken or missing.
    (No exception. We will provide a fresh CO2 refill free of charge if your Sodafresh tank has no blue Sodafresh quality seal when you purchase it.)
  • We accept all brands of empty CO2 tanks for a swap.

Tank compatibility:
100% money back guarantee if a Sodafresh CO2 tanks doesn’t fit into your Soda Maker. (More info here.)

PET carbonation bottles have a life span of max. 2 years! More info here.

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