POSTED ON February 1, 2023

Sparkling Water – 16 Amazing Heath Benefits of Water

Sparkling water is simply carbonated water, meaning that it contains dissolved carbon dioxide gas. It is essentially the same as normal water, but with added carbonation.

Water is essential for maintaining good health, as it makes up a majority of our body weight and is involved in many important functions.

Benefits of Drinking Sparkling Water:

  1. Helps create saliva
  2. Regulates body temperature
  3. Protects tissues, spinal cord, and joints
  4. Helps excrete waste
  5. Maximizes physical performance
  6. Prevents constipation
  7. Aids in digestion
  8. Helps with nutrient absorption
  9. Helps lose weight
  10. Improves blood oxygen circulation
  11. Helps fight off illness
  12. Boosts energy
  13. Aids in cognitive function
  14. Improves mood
  15. Keeps skin looking healthy

And now you know. Let’s drink to that – water of course.

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