Make a great Mojito – Our #1 Sparkling Water Mocktail Recipe

mojito with sparkling water mocktail recipe

Sparkling Water for a Strawberry Mocktail Mojito

This Strawberry Mojito is a light refreshing mocktail that is perfect for summer.

Fresh and bubbly, this Strawberry Mojito has all of the flavors of a mojito without the alcohol.

We love water

We love water, we prefer it over other drinks, so when we began to cut sodas out of our life it wasn’t hard for us. But we on the other hand missed having something bubbly to drink. Enter sparkling water. It has become the #1 drink on our house. We no longer buy soda, except on that rare special occasion, and we havent  looked back.

Flavors matter

We still like to play around with flavors and add some of our own to the sparkling water. Last weekend we had some freshly picked strawberries from the farmer’s market, and mint from my garden so we made ourselves a Strawberry Mojito mocktail, using lime flavored self-made sparkling water. A Soda Maker makes up to 60L of fizzy water with one CO2 tank refill and for only 10% of the costs of bottled Sparkling Water. We did the math for Indonesia.

How to make it

Sparkling water is carbonated so we couldn’t infuse the water with flavor by letting it sit for a few hours, or overnight. Instead, we filled a glass with some mint leaves and strawberries, then crushed them, bruising the leaves, and breaking up the fruit to let the flavors out.


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