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How to get fresh CO2 and all there is to know about tanks.

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Discover the ultimate convenience of our CO2 tank exchange service for all your favorite brands, including Sodafresh, Drinkmate, Sodastream, Wassermaxx,and Sodaexpress and many more.


At Sodafresh, we welcome all brands and ONE type of  Soda Maker CO2 (0.6L) tank for a hassle-free refill swap. (see picture, which is your thread?)
We can not accept the thin thread valve on the left and the click-valve on the right, we accept the worldwide mopst common thread int he middle of the picture.)

Simply place an order online or drop by one of our partner stores, and enjoy the seamless experience of keeping your beverages fresh and fizzy!

We don’t care how your tanks looks on the top – they are all welcome. Only the thread matters (see above).

Experience unparalleled convenience with our CO2 tank exchange service.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of searching for specific refill options. With our comprehensive CO2 tank exchange service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your favorite soda maker will always have a reliable source of CO2, allowing you to savor your sparkling creations whenever you desire.
Embrace the ultimate convenience today and choose Sodafresh for all your CO2 tank exchange needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are dedicated to providing you with a delightful and refreshing experience every step of the way.
Cheers to the joy of effortless carbonation with Sodafresh!
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Sodafresh CO2 Refills All Tanks Welcome

Empty CO2 tanks can be swapped in partner stores, our Sodafresh office in Cideng or be ordered online. It works like Aqua Gallon. Empty in exchange for full.

Sodafresh CO2 tanks are standard and fit into most Soda Maker brands and models, e.g. Sodastream(TM) or Aarke(TM) machines.

And in case you are moving to another country – the local CO2 tank brand will fit and you can continue to use your Sodafresh Soda Maker. No problem! CO2 tank compatibility guaranteed.

We accept all CO2 tanks that are less than 5 years old and have a USA or European valve thread.
Please check your tank thread – which picture looks like yours?

You can see the manufacturing date embossed on the shoulder of the tank. Manufactured YYYY for example – please play fair.

Place your orders online with ease – we’ve got you covered in Malang, Surabaya, Bali, Lombok, and more (store locations).

We strive to ship all orders within 1 working day (our standard) to 3 working days, but rest assured, we’re always aiming to ship fastest when possible.

Experience the convenience of Sodafresh’ s online ordering today.

The Sodafresh Team is always ready to answer your questions or help you with your new soda maker. 

WA CS +628119703806 /

Feel free to visit one of our independent partner stores* for a more personal experience.

Our partners are delighted to showcase our latest models and provide answers to all your inquiries.

Experience the friendly service and support at a Sodafresh partner store near you.

Our Sodafresh CO2 tank will work with your soda maker. If not we will give you your money back and pay for all the shipping. Zero risk for you.

wide thread tank


CAN be refilled &

fits our Soda Maker


Can NOT be refilled &

NOT fit our Soda Maker


Can NOT be refilled &

NOT fit our Soda Maker

At Sodafresh, we prioritize your health and safety by offering CO2 refills that are not only certified food grade but also halal.

If you’re considering purchasing CO2 refills from a source other than Sodafresh, make sure they guarantee the same quality.

Don’t hesitate to request their certificates, as it’s essential for ensuring that you enjoy healthy and refreshing beverages.

At Sodafresh, we ensure our CO2 refills are delivered in pristine tanks, complete with a quality seal atop the protective cap. We diligently verify their suitability for professional use before placing them in your hands.

Always inspect the Sodafresh seal for its integrity.

If you encounter a broken or missing Sodafresh seal, it may indicate an issue. Please notify us immediately, and we will replace your CO2 refill tank free of charge to maintain our commitment to your satisfaction.

blue quality seal

With Sodafresh, you can count on our CO2 refills always being in stock – that’s our promise. If we ever fall short, you’ll receive a voucher for a complimentary CO2 refill.

While it may not seem like much, having a reliable source for CO2 refills is crucial when you need a fresh tank in a hurry. Sodafresh is committed to always being there for you.

Additionally, we accept any CO2 refill tank you bring to us, regardless of the brand. Your convenience is our priority. See the other FAQs in this section for details.

Visit us at our Cideng office, located at Jl. Biak No 33C, Lt. 2, Jakarta.

We have a wide selection of  models on display, ready for you to explore. Plus, enjoy a discounted price of 180,000 Rp. on CO2 refills when you bring in your empty CO2 tank, saving you on shipping costs.

Find Sodafresh on Google Maps and experience our offerings firsthand!

We are on all marketplaces. Just search for Sodafresh and look for our signature framed pictures.

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At Sodafresh, we take pride in providing properly filled CO2 tanks, ensuring that your full tank weighs approximately 1.2 kg. We guarantee that with us, you receive the right amount of CO2 for your money.

Beware of tanks weighing only around 1 kg, as you may not be getting the full value or could be paying more than you should.

Trust Sodafresh for the quality and reliability you deserve.

At Sodafresh, we’ve got you covered – even if you’re located more than 35 km away or on a different island, like Malang, Bekasi, Lampung, and beyond.

Simply send your empty CO2 tank(s) securely packed to our office via JNE Tarif JTR or Pos Indonesia (no air freight!). Rest assured, PT Sodafresh is already a registered location in applications such as Google Maps.

For maximum efficiency, we recommend swapping more than one tank per order due to JTR’s minimum weight of 10kg. Safety is our top priority, and we appreciate your understanding.

PT Soda Fresh Indonesia
Attn. Customer Service Lisa
JL. Biak No.33 C Lt. 2 Kel. Cideng, Kec. Gambir
10150 Jakarta Pusat
+62 (0) 8 119 703 806

Contact us today to experience our reliable service, no matter where you are.

Please note that JTR service may take longer than your average shipment due to its non-air freight tariff. However, rest assured that we’re committed to delivering your CO2 refill tank(s) as promptly as possible while prioritizing safety.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our dedicated customer service team is here to assist you.

Trust Sodafresh for your CO2 refill needs, even in the most remote locations.