Sodafresh Basic Soda Maker and Monin Syrup

Sodafresh Basic Soda Maker and Monin Syrup

Bali had the FHTB in Nusa Dua – the Food Hotel Tourism Bali exhibition.

And Sodafresh was there thanks to Monin Syrups.

Sodafresh was supporting the “Drink Of The Day” with a Sodafresh “Basic Soda Maker” to make the Sparkling Water that makes Monin syrups shine.

Monin started over a century ago in a small town in France and has become a global reputation for quality. Monin continues to innovate and bring incredible flavors to kitchens, coffeehouses, restaurants and bars around the world. And Sparkling Water / Soda is the perfect base for the delicious syrups.

They have so many different flavors that our team hasn’t even been able to try them all. But we will because a Sodafresh team member never gives up.



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